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Your Big Day Without Limits

Confetti adds a Digital Layer to Your Wedding For Free


Stream Globally, Share Recording Next Day


Collect Guest Information


Let Guests Gift from Anywhere


Personalized Messages from Guests

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Confetti Features

The all encompassing digital experience for your wedding

We provide a world class experience for all of your guests who join digitally


Guests can seamlessly gift money to you from anywhere in the world.

Beautiful Custom Evites

This is your wedding not a team meeting. So save the generic live stream meeting links for work and send out beautiful Confetti Evites on your big day.

Digital Tables

Some stories are just for your friends and not grandma and grandpa. You have the ability to assign Confetti guests to specific table just like you would at an in-person wedding.

Relive Every Moment

Relive your magical day anytime you want with our rebroadcast feature. Guests who miss the live event will also be able to gift and send personal messages on any rebroadcast.

Congratulating the Couple

Guests can send video/audio messages to congratulate you on your big day!

What is Confetti?

Confetti…like the small pieces of paper?

— Nope, but just as fun! Confetti is a platform you can use to take your wedding to the next level. We provide accessibility to those who can’t attend by immersing those guests in an all encompassing digital experience. For those who won’t be able to travel, have prior obligations, or can’t attend the wedding for any other reasons, they just hop onto Confetti and experience the select moments of your special day through an interactive live-stream! In keeping with tradition, Confetti is a modern tool that we’re building to make your day the biggest celebration yet! After all, this is your wedding not a 3PM meeting right?

Confetti about

Point, click and stream

With our state of the art streaming technology stream your wedding on any mobile device through our Host App
or provide your private and secure stream key to your videographer for an elevated experience.
Either way Confetti has a solution for you.


Matt & Jane`s Wedding




A Look into Confetti

Our simple and thoughtful design makes creating your digital experience as easy as ever.




Hear from other happy Confetti hosts, users & partners

Sara N.

Confetti Guest

None of those business streaming platforms people are using right now make sense for weddings. This was such a great experience.

Mat B.

Confetti Partner

My clients love it! It has been an absolute game changer when we discuss invitations for the wedding. We have much more flexibility now.

Got Questions?

Still have questions about what Confetti can do for your big day? Please feel free to reach out to our wonderful team anytime at